Nov 05, 2020
Dr. Peterson
Re: Climate and Health

Climate & Health

Speaker: Alan S. Peterson, MD

Emeritus Director of Environmental & Community Medicine

Children have significant risks from a changing climate. Vector borne diseases from ticks and mosquitoes like Lyme disease and Zika disease can have terrible health effects in children. About 1 in 10 children now have a diagnosis of asthma in the US due to pollutants in our air. Changes to our climate are increasing heat, floods, forest fires, and air pollution.

As a 40+ year practicing family physician and  retired Associate Director of the Family Medicine Residency program at Lancaster General Health, educating the community about climate change is the most important thing I can do with the rest of my life. I have 2 granddaughters that need to have a chance to grow up in a safe climate world. I speak about changes ongoing now, and what will be the future if we don't make modifications to reverse our current course.

With a focus on improving lives of children one community at a time, Rotarians can help their communities to make these changes to improve the health of our communities.  This free, evidence-based program is delivered through a Zoom platform and can be for any time frame needed.  Cell: 717-413-0486 · E-mail: